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Questions on ED12GS

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  • From Harry at 12/10/15 7:27 PM
    • I have an ED12GS that has been operating fine for the past 5 years.
      Suddenly it is not cleaning all the dishes. I have cleaned all the filters, check the drain/cycle and water inlet all seem fine. Spray arms are not blocked and appear to spin freely. We have not changed detergent recently. There are no error displays coming up on the panel.

      What else could it be ?
    • Hello,

      This would be quite unusual as the ED12GS dishwasher will typically come up with an error code if there is a fault.

      It does seem like you have tried all of the things we would normally suggest.

      Things we would always look at in regards to not washing are;
      - Cleaning the fine mesh filter (below the large triangular filter), this may need scrubbing
      - Ensuring you are using a quality dishwashing power and around 1 heaped teaspoon
      - Ensuring the rinse-aid is topped up
      - Adjusting the top tray up so any larger plates (etc.) in the bottom basket do not restrict the top sprayer going around

      Sorry I can not be of more assistance.

      Thank you.
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  • From Frances at 7/11/15 9:43 AM
    • E4 display, cleaned the mesh, filters etc and adjusted the flow into the dishwasher,
      now have '2:10' display, and water spills onto the floor,
    • Hello,

      An E4 error is an "overflow" error.

      This dishwasher had water in the base and has activated a float switch. The dishwasher may have overfilled, or has an internal leak.

      With this fault, it is very likely the dishwasher will need to be removed and thoroughly tested to ensure the source of the problem is located and fixed as it possible for further leaking to cause damage to the dishwasher and surrounding cupboards.

      Thank you.
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  • From Trevor Turnok at 8/09/16 1:58 PM
    • we have a euro ed12gs dishwasher and it has suddenly started showing the E1code and fails to work. This washer is approximately 5 years old and has been working perfectly up till now.
    • Hello,

      An E1 error can mean either the dishwasher is not filling with water, or the dishwasher is not draining with water.

      If the dishwasher is not filling, it could be a failure of the aquastop hose (if it has one) or the inlet valve (I am assuming the tap is turned on and water supply exists).

      If the dishwasher is not draining, it can be a failure of the drain pump or there is something stuck in the drain pump or drain hose where is connects under the sink.

      Unfortunately this is the best I can provide without observing the dishwasher.

      Thank you.
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