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Questions on E7DWSS

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  • From Not Supplied at 18/11/14 10:04 AM
    • My dishwasher does not heat any more, and get stuck during the cycle and I have to click it on to make it work.
    • A common problem with many dishwashers now is that the internal filters can become blocked. This can cause a reduction in the water level inside the dishwasher.

      When the water level is reduced in the dishwasher, it can 'overheat' which will cause a thermostat to switch the heater off. This will effect the cycle of the dishwashers, often causing it to wash continuously with the timer not advancing.

      In some earlier models when this thermostat fails, it needs to be replaced. On some later models the thermostat will 'self-reset' once cooled (NOTE: if it has been repaired before, 'self-resetting thermostats should have been fitted).

      First thing to do is to clean 'all' filters inside the dishwasher thoroughly, and then try again. If it still does not heat and/or advance the thermostat may need to be replaced.

      There are a few other things that can cause this problem, but this is the most common, and easily checked by a repairer.

      Even once repaired, make sure to keep all filters clean.
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  • From denise at 26/06/16 8:20 AM
    • the pressure pump failed during cycle. thought cycle was finished however now have error 4 on LCD. discharge pump still works and drain is clear. any suggestions on how to reset to remove E4 ?
    • Hello Denise,

      An E4 Error on the Euro Dishwashers (I am not sure what model you have) is typically an 'overflow error'.

      This means the unit has an internal (water) leak and has tripped an overflow float.

      It is possible that this is a one off, but It is likely you will need to find the cause of the overflow before using the dishwasher further.

      Thank you.
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