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Questions on E5DWSS

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  • From Nicola at 7/10/14 9:12 AM
    • Could you please send me a link to how to operate this dishwasher. I have moved into a new house and this was the dishwasher. I tried to use it last night and I am not sure on what cycle to use as it appeared to not clean my cups.
    • Hello Nicola,

      I have emailed you a manual that will hopefully help.

      Please take note of the section on cleaning the filters. Blocked filters are often the cause of the top tray not cleaning properly.

      Again my apologies in returning your email.
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  • From Julie Wacker at 8/02/15 10:38 AM
    • Hi Tech support,
      Can you please email me the manuals from the dishwasher E5DWSS, oven/ stove EA900FS ?
      Thank you.
      Julie Wacker
    • Hello Julie,

      I have just emailed you the manuals you require.

      If you need any further assistance, please let me know.


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  • From Bic at 4/04/15 9:04 PM
    • Hi Tech Support,

      My E5DWSS does not appear to be pumping water and I have checked all the conncetions and all appears fine. What should I check or do next?
    • Hello,

      I am not entirely sure what you mean by "pumping water", so I will go over some thoughts;

      1) The dishwasher is not filling with water.

      In this case, it could be anything from the tap not being turned on, to the dishwasher being in an 'overfill' fault where you will hear the drain pump running, but it will never fill.

      2) The dishwasher fills with a small amount of water, but the dishes do not get wet.

      This would likely be the wash pump motor is not running, so water is not pumped through the spray arms to wash.

      3) The dishwasher does not drain the water out.

      This would be a failure of the drain pump, or a blockage.

      Unfortunately from what you have written it would be any of these things and very difficult to assist.

      A dishwasher will always...drain, fill with water, wash, heat, then drain (as 1 part of a cycle).

      Thank you.
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  • From Alli at 25/04/15 11:15 AM
    • can you email me the user manual for EA900FS electric oven and gas cooktop please?
    • Hi Alli,

      I have sent you a separate email with the manual attached.

      If you have any problems please let me know.

      Thank you.
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  • From Chana at 10/07/15 11:05 AM
    • Hi Tech Support,

      Can you please email me the manuals/ instructions of the dishwasher E5DWSS?

      Thank you,
    • Hello Chana,

      I do not have a manual for the E5DWSS (sent via email), but I do have one for the E7DWSS.

      They are the same dishwasher, the E5 has 2 less buttons. All other aspects are the same.
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