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  • From Lee at 22/10/16 2:12 PM
    • Hi, We have an IAG I14DES dishwasher. We've had it about 3 years with no trouble. Last week it finished the dishwasher cycle but failed to switch off. It keeps making a noise like it is still running/pumping water out. I switched it off and pressed the reset button but still makes this noise when I turn it back on and it will not allow us to put it on a new cycle. Would you have any ideas of what this could be?
      Kind Regards
    • Hello Lee,

      It is possible the drain pump is continuously running, and this would be caused by a water overflow (water in the base of the dishwasher).

      This overflow may be caused by a number of thinks, including an internal leak.

      It may need to be checked by a technician as there is a possibility of water damaging surrounding cupboards.

      Thank you.
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  • From Simone at 4/04/16 5:09 PM
    • My IAG dishwasher was showing "LL" but backwards. What does this mean? I have managed to clear it and use it but we have now noticed the heating element has gone. Is it worth fixing or replacing?
    • Hello, the description for the display does not match up with an error code, so it may be that the display is not working correctly.

      The IDI6IE1 dishwasher is an old model and we do not have parts for these any more. You can try calling the manufacturer on 1800 444 357.

      Thank you.
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  • From Michael Knight at 7/10/15 6:01 PM
    • My IDI61E1 seems to had a failure of the spring that dampens the opening of the door. Can see the lug for spring on the bottom right side of the door - but no spring..
      Door is lethal - drops like a brick and "bites the uninitiated on the shins ! Is there a replacement spring available for sale ? How much? - how do you access the spring it ?
    • Hello Michael,

      There are 2 types of hinge on the IDI6IE1.

      The first is an all metal hinge with an internal spring, and I have yet to see this type fail as you have mentioned.

      The second is a metal hinge, but you will see a 'white rope' which attaches to the internal spring. This is the model that can fail in the manner you have mentioned. The rope breaks, which you then have no spring to support the door.

      In both cases, make sure that when the door is fully open, that it does not go past the horizontal position as if it does it may indicate that the hinges are bent and would also need replacing. If you are still able to use the dishwasher with the loss of spring tension then it should be ok.

      I am unsure of the availability of parts for this model at this time, and would suggest contacting the manufacturer on 1800 444 357.

      Thank you.
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  • From Haras at 13/05/15 8:58 PM
    • IAG dishwasher has the power button stuck in and won't work as a result. Any solution? How expensive is it to have this part replaced?
    • Hello Haras,

      I have not sold an ON/OFF switch for an IDI6IE1 dishwasher since 2011 so I do not have current pricing on these.

      It may be that the switch is no longer clipped in to the panel and may just need to be re-fitted.

      My records show the part number is I998026800 - PUSH SWITCH 4 TERMINALS IDS + IDI

      You would be able to call Home Appliances on 1800 444 357 in Melbourne for the lasts price and availability, or call a service agent in your area.

      Sorry I can not be of more help.
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  • From Janelle at 3/05/15 5:42 PM
    • Hi, I have an IAG ID16IE3 dishwasher. During the recent floods, the water couldn't get away and started to back up the sink, so I turned it off mid cycle and now can't start it again.
      First off I kept getting the E4 error (overfilled), the manual said to turn off the water supply. I did that and turned the dishwasher on and the E4 error disappeared.
      Now, it starts normally at first with the drain pump but then very little water will come into the dishwasher (yes I have turned the water back on). Some spills in through the inlet on the right side, but that's all. Then the dishwasher just stops. (It appears to continue to heat, but there isn't any water).
      Any help would be appreciated?
    • Hello Janelle,

      Just confirming you have a IDI6IE3 dishwasher.

      If the dishwasher fills with a small amount of water, and then does nothing it would likely be your was pump motor is not starting.

      The most common cause of this would be the motors capacitor. This is what starts the motor.

      If the Capacitor is ok, then there may be something stuck in the motor causing it not to run.

      I hope this helps a little.
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  • From Steve at 11/12/14 4:01 PM
    • The door latch has broken and I have been unable to find a replacement part anywhere. Even my local supplier is stumped.

      Can you advise who sells this post online or east coast Australia?

    • Hello Steve,

      There are 2 different latches on the IDI6IE1. There is a metal tongue version and a plastic tongue version.

      Each version has a different internal mechanism in the door itself. Knowing which tongue you have you can then determine which part you require.

      While we are in South Australia, we do have both latches in stock.

      You or your local supplier can also ring IAG on 1800 444 357 for stock availability.

      If you still have no luck, please email or call 08 8285 8677 Monday to Friday 8:30 - 5:00 (central time).

      I hope this helps.
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  • From Eddie at 25/11/14 1:36 PM
    • I have a idi6ie1 with burnt out controller in the lid. Is it possible to buy a replacement?
    • We do have 1 in stock, part number I516020201. Please call 8285 8677 or your local IAG service agent.
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  • From Joe at 25/11/14 1:35 PM
    • IAG dishwasher model IDI6IE3 not draining water. Suspected pump or blockage. Found no blockage and removed pump to run on test bench. Can not fault pump. Any ideas, are there reset procedures available for this model. Is there a downloadable service manual available?
    • Hello Joe,

      The IDI6IE3 Dishwasher should report a fault code which is the best place to start.

      E1 - Longer inlet time
      E2 - Longer draining time
      E3 - Longer heating time
      E4 - Overfilled
      E6 - Failure of temperature sensor
      E7 - Failure of temperature sensor

      It is best to know this before attempting any repair.

      As for the drain pumps, it is very easy for a drain pump to be jammed by small items. If there are scratches around the inside of the pump housing this would indicate something has made it's way into the pump at some stage.


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  • From bret at 25/11/14 1:34 PM
    • hi i have idi6ie1 also and the machine never completes its cycle

      and goes through a process of pumping out every few minutes

      doesnt matter which program it's on just does this forever


    • Hello Brett,

      The IDI6IE1 is a dishwasher that just about always produces an error code (or series of beeps) to tell you a fault (i.e. E7 with 7 beeps).

      It is possible that there is an issue with the pressure switch/pressure chamber or pressure tube being blocked or restricted.

      With the dishwasher off and empty, remove the filters in the bottom (good time to take them out and clean them). Then boil some water in a jug/kettle. Pour the boiling water into the base of the dishwasher. Depending on the size of your jug/kettle you may need to do this twice.

      Let this soak for a reasonable time (even overnight).

      Try to run a cycle again.

      In this situation I would not yet recommend putting a cleaner in the dishwasher as a cleaner will only work properly if the dishwasher completes a cycle properly.
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  • From terry waterer at 25/11/14 1:33 PM
    • I have a IAG 2005 year book model IDI6IE1 IDI6SE1 INSTRUCTION BOOK

      Following instructions to start
      Push START
      on comes P6

      No buzzer sounds

      Willnot start.
      Have followed directions
    • Hello Terry,

      1) Going through the instructions...
      2) Press the ON/OFF button
      3) Select the program...leave as P6
      4) Press the START/PAUSE button
      ...(when you press the START/PAUSE button, the program time will be displayed)
      5) Close the door
      6) The dishwasher should BEEP, and then start

      Now, if after step 4), the display must show the expected run time.

      If after step 5), you do not here a BEEP, then I would suspect there is a problem where the microswitch not activating in the door latch.

      There are 2 different types, one has a plastic tongue, and one with a metal tongue.

      I hope this helps.
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