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Questions on PA0760041

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  • From andrew at 28/01/15 2:54 PM
    • I have a PaciniPA0760041 dish washer with a user instruction manual . It has recently began to not wash thoroughly leaving washing powder in the dispenser and dishes feeling greasy and some with food residue on plates. Is there a maintenance manual available ,and a Pacini HQ in Australia where I could locate a repairer Cheers Andrew
    • Hello Andrew,

      Pacini Appliances are distributed in Australia through Home Appliances (HAPL), they can be contacted through or 1800 805 300.

      Back you your dishwasher.

      The first thing we will always look at are the filters. You can check this information here (

      If the filters are blocked, the dishwasher will not fill with enough water, will not heat correctly and will not wash correctly. This is by far the most common problem we see.

      What should happen in this case though is the dishwasher, if started on the normal cycle, will stop while washing for an extended period of time.

      Feel free to contact HAPL if you require local assistance.


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  • From Jeff Daniells at 26/07/15 4:14 PM
    • My Pacini Dishwasher is blocked. The water is in the machine.
    • Hi Jeff,

      With this model dishwasher, it is possible that a small foreign object is stopping the drain pump from working.

      Unfortunately the drain pump is difficult for a user to get to and would normally require a technician to attend.

      Thank you,

      Superior Appliance Service
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