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Questions on IDI6IE4

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  • From Alan at 15/11/15 12:07 PM
    • I have an error code 2 coming up on the machine but I've lost my documents and I can't even find a online PDF to download.

      Has anyone got a list of error code for this machine please?
    • Good afternoon Alan,

      An E2 error would indicate a drain issue. This may be a blockage in the dishwasher itself or the s-trap under the sink.

      Failing this it may be a drain pump issue.

      Thank you.
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  • From Alan (yes its me again) at 3/11/16 9:50 AM
    • Hi less than a year later I'm getting an E4 error code.

      E4 indicateds overfilled caused by 'too much inlet water'. Well there is no water in the base of the dishwaster. The waste pipe doesn't seem to have any blockage. But this error keeps coming back.

      I've checked under the appliance and there is no leak.

      PS .Yes you where right last time the drain pump needed replacing.
    • Hello Alan.

      The E4 error occurs when the "float switch" under the dishwasher is activated (typically the float will activate with water present, but I have seen this switch burn out). The drain pump will then run continuously.

      Checking the float switch is the first step I'm afraid.

      Thank you.

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  • From Lyn Phillips at 21/01/17 10:31 PM
    • HI, I have an IDI6IE4 showing E3 message. We recently bought this home and do not have the book. Can someone please tell me what the problem is. Thanks Lyn
    • Hi Lyn,

      An E3 error usually occurs from the dishwasher not heating to the desired temperature.

      This can be cause by the filters in the base of the dishwasher being blocked causing the unit to not fill with enough water, the wash pump not working/blocked, or a failure of the heater.

      First step is to ensure all the filters are clean allowing water to pass through them freely, and ensure the wash pump is pushing water through the spayer arms (you should be able to hear them going around.

      I hope this helps.
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  • From Emma Gibbs at 11/03/17 11:10 PM
    • What does an E1 error code mean?
    • Hi Emma,

      An E1 Error means a longer than expected inlet time (the dishwasher is not filling with water, or it thinks it is not filling with water).

      It may be that the tap under the sink has been turned off, or there is a failure in the dishwasher where the inlet valve is not letting water in to the dishwasher. This would likely require a service technician.

      I hope this helps.
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