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Questions on IDI6IE1

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  • From Jason at 25/11/14 1:28 PM
    • this dishwasher is getting a bit old now but when I turn it on it starts for a bit then shuts down and starts beeping. E1 is displayed. Inlet water pressure seems to be OK and the drain appears to be OK. Is there anything I can do apart from using it as a boat anchor?
    • Hi Jason,

      We certainly don't recommend the boat anchor but I know where you are coming from.

      With E1, it could actually be a pressure switch problem. This switch determines the water level in the dishwasher (when it is full). It may be that this switch is not activating, at which the dishwasher will 'time-out'.

      You can try ensuring the dishwasher is empty, and pouring 1 or 2 jugs of boiling water into the sump (remove the lower tray and all filters). Let this sit for 1/2 an hour then try again. This may clear any blockage in the pressure switch chamber/tube and fix the problem.

      Failing this the pressure tube would need to be manually removed to check/clear or you may require a new pressure switch.

      I hope this helps a little.
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  • From Mark at 25/11/14 1:30 PM
    • Hi, our IAG IDI6IE1 dishwasher has been displaying E7 code a the end of the cycle for a few weeks and has now tripped the circuit breaker twice within a few minutes of starting. Any idea of the root cause please? Thanks, Mark.
    • Good Morning Mark,

      An E7 error indicates a 'Flow Diverter' error. On the IDI6IE1 the dishwasher washes alternates water between the top and bottom trays. It is this that has failed.

      The Flow Diverter is also the heater assembly, and it is this entire unit that would need to be changed.

      Having the dishwasher now trip your safety switch, would indicate the flow diverter has failed and cracked. this has leaked water into the base of the dishwasher.

      It would be recommended to stop using the dishwasher as any water leak may cause further damage. The total cost of this type of repair may be high as it is quite labour intensive. I am happy to provide more details, please email us at
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  • From Simon at 25/11/14 1:31 PM
    • my iagidi6ie1dishwasher seems to have an electronics error, once program has been set, the time display flashes the normal time to complete cycle a few times then a different time, then back to the normal time and so forth a few times before settling on flashing the normal time e.g. 1hr /05 etc. when you start it it does not complete the cycle.

      is there a way to reset the electronics, or it is a majorly expensive component to replace?
    • Hello Simon,

      I'm a little unsure on the time, but let me clarify one thing with the display. As it only has 2 digits, if the total time for the cycle exceeds 1 hour (lets say 1 hour 32 minutes) then the display will flash 1h, then flash 32, then flash 1h...etc. I have had some displays where part of the digits can not illuminate and may make the display appear odd. From what you describe I am not sure this is as simple as that, sorry for stating what may be the obvious.

      To reset the dishwasher, hold down the start/pause button until you here 6 (?) beeps. The display with either show 00 (in which case turn the dishwasher off, then on again) or will show P5 (or which ever cycle you would normally have it on). From here I would suggest selecting P1 (short rinse cycle) which should show 11 minutes (may be different depending on other settings). This time should not change. Then press the start button and close the door to run the cycle.

      (For this cycle the dishwasher will...drain...fill...wash...drain. Listen for any beeps, as the number of beeps will be a fault code, or a fault code will be displayed.)

      If you are still having problems, please email us at and I will try to be of more help to you.


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  • From terry waterer at 25/11/14 1:33 PM
    • I have a IAG 2005 year book model IDI6IE1 IDI6SE1 INSTRUCTION BOOK

      Following instructions to start
      Push START
      on comes P6

      No buzzer sounds

      Willnot start.
      Have followed directions
    • Hello Terry,

      1) Going through the instructions...
      2) Press the ON/OFF button
      3) Select the program...leave as P6
      4) Press the START/PAUSE button
      ...(when you press the START/PAUSE button, the program time will be displayed)
      5) Close the door
      6) The dishwasher should BEEP, and then start

      Now, if after step 4), the display must show the expected run time.

      If after step 5), you do not here a BEEP, then I would suspect there is a problem where the microswitch not activating in the door latch.

      There are 2 different types, one has a plastic tongue, and one with a metal tongue.

      I hope this helps.
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  • From bret at 25/11/14 1:34 PM
    • hi i have idi6ie1 also and the machine never completes its cycle

      and goes through a process of pumping out every few minutes

      doesnt matter which program it's on just does this forever


    • Hello Brett,

      The IDI6IE1 is a dishwasher that just about always produces an error code (or series of beeps) to tell you a fault (i.e. E7 with 7 beeps).

      It is possible that there is an issue with the pressure switch/pressure chamber or pressure tube being blocked or restricted.

      With the dishwasher off and empty, remove the filters in the bottom (good time to take them out and clean them). Then boil some water in a jug/kettle. Pour the boiling water into the base of the dishwasher. Depending on the size of your jug/kettle you may need to do this twice.

      Let this soak for a reasonable time (even overnight).

      Try to run a cycle again.

      In this situation I would not yet recommend putting a cleaner in the dishwasher as a cleaner will only work properly if the dishwasher completes a cycle properly.
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