Search the internet and you will find the answer to anything. In the case of tablets versus powder for your dishwasher, you may well come accross an article like this one;

Now, we all know that what we read on the internet is 100% correct isn't it.

If we look at this article, it is dated 2012. Since then companies have brought out multiple new versions of their tablets, but why is it that the latest version of the tablet pictured is just powder in a dissolvable casing.

How much cheaper would it be if...well...we just used powder?

I am not going to answer the question of tablet versus powder in your dishwasher, but I will pose some questions back;

- Would you use a solid block of powder in your washing machine? Why or why not?

- If you have a solid tablet, how does it know when to start dissolving the different parts (eg. the power ball) during the cycle?

- Every dishwasher uses slightly different water temperatures and cycle times, how does the tablet know?

Just a thought.